Kitchen & Bathroom rewiring

Kitchen Upgrades


Many people these days are always looking to improve the look of their kitchen. Chrome sockets and switches, downlights, feature lighting the list goes on. If you are planning on upgrading your kitchen electrics or looking for advice on the newest trends and looks, get in contact and we will happily share our expertise!


Regulations are always changing these days to always improve safety in kitchens and bathrooms. Having electrical outlets installed at a safe distance away from your sink is a must nowadays. If your appliances such as washing machines, dish washers, fridges etc are fitted under your worktop, getting to sockets may be difficult. We can make sure all sockets are easily accessible to suit the appliances and that all sockets be controlled by a switch fused connection unit installed above the worktop, where it is easily accessible to switch on and off. Under new regulations and building standards, all new sockets in electric installations should be protected by an RCD.


Bathroom Upgrades


We do a lot of work in new bathrooms and customers like nothing better than their bathroom to be kitted out with the newest trends! Downlights, bath panel lights, LED strip lighting, under floor heating are just some of the things we can offer. If you are interested in adding some new features to your bathroom but not sure what, we can happily come out and offer some advice on what can be done and show you some examples of previous work.